As a result, the DOHC Dual Overhead Cam 4-cylinder offers horsepower with a standard manual transmission and horsepower with a 4-speed automatic. An optional feature on the Prelude with automatic transmission is Sequential SportShift, combining the hands-on excitement and performance of a manual transmission with the effortlessness and driving convenience of an automatic. New forchild safety seat tether anchors have been added to the rear seats of the Prelude.

In addition, an emergency trunk opener and floor mats are standard on all Preludes. Using a smooth-shifting 5-speed manual transmission, the SH driver is given complete influence over the high-output 2. The Prelude is designed with energy-absorbing front and rear crush zones. The Prelude also features dual airbags, impact-absorbing front and rear bumpers, energy-absorbing steering column and instrument panel, and three-point seatbelts.

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AFB provides its outstanding sound quality by using small built-in microphones in the rear speakers to sample ambient cabin sound, measure it against the original electronic signal and adjust for any distortion. Cars Reviews Honda Coupe Sports cars. A favorite of automotive enthusiasts, the Honda Prelude has the highest brand loyalty of any Honda product. About 75 percent of all Prelude buyers have previously owned a Honda or Acura product. Read More.

The Top Five Honda Prelude Models of All-Time

What do you think? Bring it Back!!! Car Finder:. Honda Prelude. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:. About US. Contact Us. Automotive journalist job.Go on with your life without the extra battery weight.

Prelude adheres to the glossy-surface back of your phone and charges wirelessly when you need it. Freely remove the Prelude when you're done. Prelude adheres to the glossy-surface back of your phone, so you can use your phone and charge at the same time. Magnetic alignment case for latest iPhones available. Powers on with motion sensor. Works also as a wired portable charger when convenient for you.

With or without a cable, fully-mobile Prelude is designed with your ever-changing needs in mind. Wirelessly: Simply remove the magnetic cover, peel the protective film, shake to turn on and align it to the center of your phone. Charging Prelude wirelessly: Place Prelude the side with the logo onto a Qi-charging pad. A wireless charging LED indicator will light up to show prelude is being charged wirelessly. The wireless charging speed for the Prelude is 10W.

However, please note that some wireless charging receivers may charge at a slightly slower rate. If you are using anything smaller than mentioned, such as standard iPhone charging cube 5Wit will take approx. Prelude is designed to give your phone the extra boost it needs throughout the day.

It will give your smartphone approx. Depending on the device you are charging, the battery will last accordingly.


If your Prelude is not charging your mobile device, double check to see if it is Qi compatible. If so, the center of the nano-suction area must be correctly aligned to the center back of your phone. The nano-suction area is dirty and does not attach well anymore.

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If the nano-suction area becomes dirty or dusty, it will lose some of its stickiness. Simply, rub the nano-suction area with your finger using lukewarm water and let air dry. This will make it regain stickiness and can be used over and over again. Click here to see if your device is compatible. I purchased the Prelude portable wireless charger for myself and as gifts and so far, I like it! I really like the it but when I carry it in my purse the charge seems to wear out.

Other than that it's great! Prelude is not charging iPhone. There are no directions or photos on how they place on phone. I looked up on site and it showed photo with lights going to top.

2001 Honda Prelude

Tried both directions.The Honda Prelude never enjoyed the prevalence or subsequent nostalgia that makes enthusiast-spec Civics and Acura Integras so desirable today. Interestingly, the seller posted that the final price fell below his reserve, but he let the car go because Bring A Trailer subsidized the difference, which is undisclosed. The car weighed about 3, pounds, according to Honda. Stepping back, the clean-cut lines of this car have aged remarkably well.

But that car looks too wacky to be taken seriously as a daily driver in Per an old Honda-Tech threadedited for clarity:.

It is essentially a smaller transmission, it hydraulically activating gears in the unit to route the power. When you are traveling at speed and you corner there are sensors measuring the cornering force, speed, and throttle input and can send as much as 80 percent torque to the outside wheel when cornering. Practically speaking, the idea was to arrange power distribution in the most efficient way. As Brent Romans from Edmunds. Enter ATTS.

Honda Prelude

Hit the gas past the apex of a corner and the Prelude simply pulls itself around. Being able to accelerate through turns pays big dividends, as this allows the Prelude to carry more speed on the straights.

It also gives the car a much more neutral handling bias, and our editors said that driving the Prelude almost felt like driving a rear-wheel-drive car. Despite having a curb weight and horsepower rating similar to the Eclipse not to mention 49 lb-ft of torque lessthe Prelude was more than 2 seconds faster per lap. Its fastest lap, a And you also know what a super-clean example of the car sells for in an open auction. The A. Andrew P. Filed to: What It's Worth.

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Get our newsletter Subscribe.This sports coupe, loosely based on the Accordwas the direct competition to the Toyota Celica and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. During the 70s, Honda knew that it needed a sports coupe to compete in the market.

fastest prelude

By the end of its manufacturing run inHonda had sold a total ofPrelude units. It hit its peak with the release of the 2nd generation models, and by the 5th generation, it was selling a fraction of what it originally did due to the release of more affordable cars such as the Civic. Still, the Prelude remains to be one of the best cars Honda has ever made, and here are the top 5 Prelude models of all-time.

This was the very first generation of Preludes ever made, and even then, it had such a sleek and cool quality to it. Considered to be one of the oldest Honda brands, this car became the first ever Honda model to have a moon roof.

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The Prelude had sharp lines and a complete 80s feel to it. Two of the most distinguishable features of this car are the extended headlights. This was the first one of the Prelude model, and the first to make the statement. The redesign of the first generation Preludes saw a much better vehicle all around.

This Honda model became sharper and sportier altogether. While the Prelude was still working towards a sportier image, the developments under the hood came a long way in this redesign from how it was in The result was a car that stayed truer to its sports connotation. This car is actually considered to be one of the most beautiful Honda models ever made.

Gone were the extended front lights and bulky body. This car was more sleek and streamlined. It definitely started to look more like what we typically associate sports cars with. With a 4WS feature and limited slip differential, this Prelude was well worth the buy.

Larger taillights, leather wrapped steering wheel, ABS, and extra sound deadening on the firewall and hood were only some of the features of this vehicle.A world-renowned fertility expert and surgeon, Dr. Grifo will develop, lead and implement new, innovative clinical strategies to advance the quality of fertility care offered by centers within the Prelude Network.

He will also provide clinical guidance and support to physicians in the network, developing new best practices and standards for these top-tier centers across the country. Grifo is the co-founder and Program Director of the Fertility Center, a role he has served in since Grifo, a global pioneer and leader in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility, is a significant step toward realizing that vision.

We are thrilled to have such an esteemed physician and researcher join our team and advance our mission, which helps people have healthy babies when they are ready.

fastest prelude

Inhe performed the first embryo biopsy that resulted in a live birth in the U. A leader in egg freezing, Dr. Prelude is a comprehensive fertility company that launched in October Since launch, Prelude has built the fastest-growing network of fertility centers โ€” the Prelude Network.

It helps patients achieve their best possible pregnancy outcomes through access to these top-tier centers and more than 30 internationally-recognized reproductive endocrinologists; placing emphasis on the best clinical protocols and scientific advancements; and sharing these best practices across the network. For more information about Prelude, visit www. Facebook: www. Prelude was founded in with the singular mission of helping people ensure their best chances of having a healthy baby when they are ready.

The company has become the fastest-growing network of fertility centers in the U.

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Through the Prelude Network, patients can receive egg freezing and IVF services, genetic testing of embryos, egg donation services, and egg and embryo storage โ€” all delivered with the highest level of personalized care by the nation's leading reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and practitioners.

Log In Sign Up.See the entire gallery. When a mysterious woman seduces Dominic Toretto into the world of terrorism and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

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A teenager becomes a major competitor in the world of drift racing after moving in with his father in Tokyo to avoid a jail sentence in America. Los Angeles police officer Brian O'Conner must decide where his loyalty really lies when he becomes enamored with the street racing world he has been sent undercover to destroy.

Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead. Cypher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom's younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team.

Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Post-production Expected April 1, Director: Justin Lin. Added to Watchlist. Celebrity Doppelgangers. The Most Anticipated Movies of Top Films Delayed in Cipher Vin Diesel Dominic Toretto Helen Mirren Magdalene Shaw Jordana BrewsterThe Honda Prelude is a sports car which was produced by Japanese car manufacturer Honda from until The two-door coupe was loosely derived from the Honda Accord and spanned five generations.

The Prelude was used by Honda to introduce the Japanese Honda retail sales chain Honda Vernowith the international release of the model following shortly after. The Prelude name was originally trademarked by Toyotabut was amicably given to Honda for use. The Prelude complied with the series of music-themed vehicle names which Honda used at the time, along with the AccordQuintetConcertoJazz and Ballade.

On 24 Novemberthe Prelude was launched to the Japanese market. This dealership chain also introduced the Honda Quintthe Honda Ballade and the Accord-based Honda Vigor as its largest sedan and hatchback. The four-wheel independent struts, brakes, and engine were all borrowed from the first generation Accord, but the chassis was all new and developed by chief engineer Hiroshi Kizawa expressly for the sporting Prelude.

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The Prelude and period Accord were the first cars under two liters to receive standard power steering. The Prelude was the first Honda model to offer a power moonroof as standard equipment, which eventually became a Prelude trademark.

In Japan, the Prelude was available with a sliding metal sunroof, while US versions received a glass top which freed up more headroom.

Initial reviews for the Prelude were favorable. The machine, like all Hondas, embodies fabrication that is, in my opinion, surpassed only by the narrowest of margins by Mercedes-Benz. It is a relatively powerful little automobile by anybody's standards. In terms of underpinnings it was mostly a Honda Accord, although its more compact package and lower weight allowed for a marginally higher top speed and gas mileage.

It featured a non-automatic choke with three positions and a two-barrel carburetor. Transmission choices were either the standard five-speed manual or initially a two-speed "Hondamatic" semi-automatic, which by October had been replaced by a three-speed automatic that used the final gear as the overdrive.

In addition to the standard fabrics offered in most models, an 'Executive' option was offered in some markets which added power steering and Connolly leather upholstery.

Honda used a single central gauge cluster design in this car which housed the speedometer and tachometer in one combined unit where both instrument's needles swept along the same arc.

The Prelude featured intermittent wipers, tinted glass, and a remote trunk release. This facelift meant a return to a more traditional dashboard, rather than the much critiqued "Concentrated Target Meter" used before. The Prelude was introduced in Europe duringbut was not a strong seller, its high asking price not helping its chances of sales success. The second-generation Prelude was released in Japan on 25 November and worldwide in the spring of This was the first generation of Prelude to have pop-up headlights, which allowed for a more aerodynamic front clip, reducing drag.

Opening the headlights, however, especially at higher speeds, produced significantly more drag. The design retained nothing of the first generation, being considerably more aerodynamic and with large glass surfaces.

As with the predecessor, it was amply equipped, with an air of " mini-gran turismo " rather than that of a sports car. In Japan, the Prelude was one of the key models sold at Japanese Honda dealership sales channels, called Honda Vernowhich offered performance-oriented products.

All Honda Verno products, like the Vigorinitially shared the concealed headlights introduced with this generation Prelude that would help identify "sports" products from Honda in Japan however, the approach was short-lived. The model with the 2.

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